Why have we created Aftodont?

Herbs prove their efficiency and safety in fighting aphthous diseases.Based on the experience gained with wild herbs in Bulgaria and their combination, as well as the number results obtained among young and elderly people, infants, young children, pregnant and nursing mothers. We are more and more convinced of the opportunity to replace drugs with accompanying adverse effects with treatment with herbal preparations.

Herbs prove their efficiency and safety in fighting aphthous diseases.

The aim in creating AFTODONT was the quick and effective elimination of the causes of aphthous and their consequences. Also the rapid action of the product eliminates the intense pain felt by the patient and accompanying these diseases.

What is aphthous stomatitis?

What is aphthous stomatitis?Aphthous stomatitis, or also known as ulcers, is a disease of the oral cavity, which results in the occurrence of small, sometimes purulent, ulcerations. People of all ages and both sexes suffer from mouth ulcers, but most susceptible to the occurrence of ulcers are children.


What are ulcers?


Ulcers are small red spots to white, gray and shallow ulcers (size of a lentil grain) in the oral cavity where the tissues are softer (the inner side of the cheeks or lips, on or under the tongue, on the back of the throat to the soft palate and the tonsils. In more serious infection ulcerations may also be purulent. Typically ulcers last from 4 to 14 days (the condition is expressed in the disappearance of one and the appearance of other ulcers) and they do not occur more than 4 at once. Ulcers occur in men and women of all ages, but are particularly common in children.

What are the causes of mouth ulcers?

What are the causes of mouth ulcers?• Weak immune system and subsequent infection after something enters the mouth. Some experts believe that the virus Herpes simplex labialis, the cause of the herpes, leads to the occurrence of ulcers.

• In biting during meals, for instance

• Allergic reaction to certain foods

• Avitaminosis (mostly lack of vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, zinc, calcium, folic acid, iron).

• Family history

• Diseases such as celiac disease, Behcet's disease and Crohn's disease, Reiter's syndrome, syphilis, etc.

• Side effect of medication

• Toothpastes (pastes that contain sodium lauryl sulfate are often causing ulcers) and breath fresheners dry the mucous and make it susceptible to infections, which can be followed by the occurrence of ulcers.

• Poor oral hygiene

Why ulcers appear more often in children?

At an early age children often suffer from mouth ulcers and fungal infections because they get to know the world through their mouth. Nibbling, biting or chewing hard, rough and sharp objects result in injury of the soft tissues in the mouth. Thus, the formed small wounds are easily infected by bacteria and this leads to the occurrence of ulcers. Other known causes of their occurrence is the decline in immunity or after taking antibiotics.

Why ulcers occur more often in women than in men?

In some women, ulcers appear during their monthly cycle. This is caused by the sudden change in hormone levels during this period


Why ulcers appear more often in children?The harmless herbal composition and the lack of side effects, the preservation of the oral mucosa from a secondary formation of fungus and ulcers in children and especially in infants, make AFTODONT extremely practical and useful. In infants and young children use a sterile cotton swab to spread in the oral cavity of the child.


AFTODONT – Replaces antibiotics and is an effective tool that does not affect pregnancy and is not absorbed by the fetus and the suckling.


Why do we need AFTODONT?


AFTODONT – powerful aggressive product attacking pathogenic microflora in the oral cavity immediately when used.
AFTODONT – Replaces antibiotics
AFTODONT – In aphthous stomatitis
AFTODONT – Will remove painful mouth ulcers.
AFTODONT – Will eliminate pain, it acts immediately after observing the manner of administration.
AFTODONT – Has strong antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect
AFTODONT – Upon the occurrence of ulcers in the mouth to accelerate the healing process
AFTODONT – Destroys bacteria and viruses in the oral cavity.
AFTODONT – Immediately attacks and removes purulent formations in the oral cavity.
AFTODONT – has expressed antimicrobial and antifungal effect.




Таке AFTODONT by squeezing the container which fills the packaging dispenser by itselfТаке AFTODONT by squeezing the container which fills the packaging dispenser by itself. The dose is ready for adoption. Gargle then rinse to the point of tolerance and spit the rest. Repeat three times at first. Should you get relief, do not stop for the next few days and continue by limiting to twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.





After using AFTODONT do not take food and liquids up to 1 hour afterwards.





Three years from date of manufacture



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effective means of disinfection, prevention and treatment of oral cavity. packs of 100 and 200ml